Sabbath Bible Study

Meets 10:00 am to 11:00 am Saturday Mornings



We have a vibrant collection of small groups that meet Sabbath mornings. These classes are a time geared towards the study of the Bible in a group setting. Each quarter covers a different theme geared to help you grow spiritually. Classes include our Discover Class (geared to help new people learn more about the Bible), Connect Class (a more informal study of the Bible with a heavy emphasis on building relationships within the class), two thematic classes in the church sanctuary, a Tuvaluan language Bible class and a Korean language Bible class.



Children & Youth

There are also classes for specific age groups:
Beginners: Newborn to 2 years old
Kindergarten: 3–5yr olds
Primary: 6-9yr olds
Junior: 10-12yr olds
Teen: 13-17yr olds
Youth: 18 upwards